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Stand Up Paddleboarding
Record Attempt

Sunday 16th September 2012
Twickenham Embankment

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Watch the largest number of paddleboarders ever massed on the Thames

On sun 16th sept 2012 at around 1pm  low tide - up to one hundred stand up paddle boarders will take to the thames near Kew Bridge    They will paddle 4.6 miles upstream on the flood tide to Eel Pie island in Twickenham.  At around 4pm  when the tide turns they will paddle back to Kew Bridge draw dock on the ebb tide.

This will be by far the largest group of paddle boarders ever massed on the Thames.  It will raise awareness of this fast growing watersport and of the Polar Bears and Paddleboards project (see www.polarbearsandpaddlboards.com). This project aims to make people aware of the underused waterways on their doorsteps and the exciting opportunities to us them for sport and outdoor adventure.     

Would you like to join us ? To take part you will need to have paddled SUPs previously on open water and you must be water confident.  If you have not tried SUP there's still time to book a coached session or a trip with active360 mail info@active360.co.uk to book.

Numbers are limited to 100 by the Port of London Authority so best to let us know soon.

Costs.  If you have your own paddle board there is a charge of £4 towards the cost of a notice to mariners by the Port of London Authority.  If you need a paddle board Active360 can hire one for the day for £25. This includes a paddle and also the notice to mariners charge

For under 18s, members of Edge and Hammersmith Blades canoe clubs and students the hire charge is £12.

Supported by

Active 360

Twickenham Town Business Association